Throwing an eco-conscious kids birthday party? We have some tips and tricks lined up for you..

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Kids birthday parties are all fun and games but you’ll often be left with a huge pile of waste that you can’t do much with. You know the part where you serve up food, cake and juice in disposable plastic plates and cups? They get lined with food and liquid and pretty much become un-recyclable..yup, not what we thought happened to them after we chuck them in the recycling bin, unfortunately.

We recently got talking to a lovely lady planning a 1st birthday party for her little one and that got us brainstorming about how to achieve a low waste, eco-conscious kids party-


Its time we say goodbye to the old school way of inviting on paper. Email/e-invites are just as effective and definitely saves a lot of paper- especially when its destined to end up in the bin.



Its easy to get sucked into those Kmart $1 decor items but do we really need them just for that one party? We think not.

Kids are easily fascinated and they create the atmosphere of a party without us having to do much so you won’t really need to decorate your surroundings- decorate them instead, they’ll love that! What we mean is- plan for a dress up theme, or have a station set up for dress up props and costumes.

Use nature to decorate. An easy one is to fill glass jars up with flowers or cinnamon sticks and place on the food table.

Find second hand decorations. Imagine all the other people that have already had their parties and given away all their one time use decorations?! Go get them!

Pinatas made from empty cereal boxes. Try this one from Amy French-

Balloons (normal and foil) take years to decompose.. we’re talking 400+ years!! Long after your kids have had theirs and then they’ve had there's. Kites and garden spinners are a much better, reusable, time saving option that will still catch attention and make the ambience vibrant.

Use old outgrown onesies or other clothes to make a birthday bunting.

Cut out triangles and use old wrapping paper to cut out Happy birthday/name/or age. Attach them to a string of rope or braided cloth fabric to create a kitsch and unique bunting.

Food and drink-

Forget the boxed juices and straws- instead opt for a jar of homemade juice. We love this option from the Happier Home Maker

You may not want to use your heavy, everyday plates and cups, especially for kids so a good alternative would be to purchase these leaf plates and cups from

Tissues- consider reusable, washable cloth napkins instead.

Skip the tablecloth- if you think about it, do we really need one anyway?? Wiping your table down after the party is a pretty great zero waste option. 

Return favours-

Think of something biodegradable when considering options for return favours. Maybe a cupcake each or homemade play dough.

We put so much pressure on ourselves for our little ones to have a great birthday party that sometimes we forget that all they really want is to play with their friends (unless they're one in which case they don't care at all ;) ).

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