Sustainable Packaging - 4 ways to reuse our packaging!

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Judge a man by his shoes and a brand by their packaging.

Did I just do a 'zero waste' joke? 😅



Jokes aside, you can easily tell how much a company truly cares about providing ‘eco friendly’ products by the effort they put into designing their packaging. It takes a bit of work and mindfulness in design to make sure packaging doesn’t end up having a permanent spot in landfills and our oceans. Gone are the days we’re amused by unnecessary tissue paper, foam balls and anything else that’s just a right pain in the backside getting in the bin. And if you’ve decided to put this packaging away for the day you might to reuse this wrapping- let’s face it, that day ain’t coming and its eventually going in the bin, like it or not.


When designing our packaging one of the key things we looked at is to ensure the packaging can be re-purposed by our customers…something you definitely won’t want to throw away. We wanted to close the loop in everything we did so we steered away from plastic and paper wrapping that would most likely eventually end up in a bin! After a bit of research, we came up with the idea of making large envelope style bags from left over fabric. We tested it out with our first few orders and actually received positive feedback so decided to continue making them. We realised we were on the right path with this multi-purpose cloth bag. People soon wrote in to us with ideas of they re-used or re-purposed our linen envelope bags so we thought we’d share some with you to help encourage you to get creative with it.



Sustainable Packaging tips !


No.1 - The ‘Clean Nappy’ bag

Use this cloth bag to carry a change of nappies wherever you go! Ditch the plastic bag for this one and keep things a little more stylish and organised in this cloth bag. It easily fits 2 nappies- enough for a day out and about.


No. 2 - Carry a change of baby clothes

For those ‘just in case’ moments that we pray will never happen - It's always good to have a change of clothes. Lucky baby and toddler clothes are so little. You could fit a whole 2 piece outfit in our linen envelopes.


No. 3 - Re-gift our packaging

Save on gift wrapping paper and paper bags! Put your gifts in this linen-look envelope with a nice letter or card, tie it up with some string and VIOLA!


No. 4 - Store and organise

From cards to crayons, socks to ribbons, store literally anything and instantly feel like Marie Kondo. Every couple of months a little tidying up is needed in our wardrobes and our homes. What better way that to compartmentalise with little bags. One of our customers used them to store Christmas tree decorative items and another for laundry pegs. The possibilities are endless.


We would love to hear how you re-use the packaging - please tag us @budandbloomkids on instagram or comment below!  

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