Healthy meal Ideas for fussy eaters

Healthy Meal Ideas for Fussy Eaters!
Some toddlers love food & will eat anything you plate up, and this is the dream & if this is your situation that is amazing! 
Our story has been a bit different & in her first year our daughter loved eating veggies & fruit and then she turned 2 & everything changed! Around the time she turned two, she became really picky with certain kinds of food & it was really hard to ensure she was getting enough protein & veggies!
Here are some sneaky toddler friendly recipes ideas/ tricks that you can use to make meal times easier for you & enjoyable for your toddler. One key thing I learned along the way, was not to force a toddler to finish part of the meal they don't like & to always give them a choice, or make them feel like they are being heard.  They are constantly trying to make their own choices & push the limits so instead of fighting it, working with it really made everyone's life easier!( for mealtimes at least)
Here are some ideas that you can use to get your fussy eater to eat some greens & veggies! I would like to mention that I am not a nutritionist, just a toddler mama who is sharing my own experiences & ideas for inspiration!
  • Make Fish Cakes - You can make a whole batch & they freeze really well. This is great for baby led weaning & toddler meals, really the whole family can enjoy them! The base recipe is some type of fish baked (I use salmon or tuna) & shredded up, potato mash, cheese, an egg to combine, for spices I use salt, pepper, garlic powder & some Italian herb mix, one this mixture is ready I make little fishcakes bread them & bake them until crispy and golden! You can finely mash up or hide other veggies in it but that really changed the taste of them for my toddler so I was just happy with her eating fish & potatoes. You can serve this with some sweet potato chips, carrots shredded up or cucumbers. 
  • Experiment With Smoothies! -  Smoothies are a really easy way to get some greens in your toddler, if they don't eat salads or stir fries this can be pretty tough. One of our go to smoothies is mixed frozen berries, some yogurt, a huge handful or more spinach, teaspoon chia seeds, a splash of apple juice & bit of water for consistency, blitz it up & our daughter loves it & she has it a couple of times a week! It tastes like dessert honestly, and it tastes pretty good without the apple juice too, but our picky eater loves it best that way!
  • Hide veggies in pasta sauce - I recently learned this trick & I have been loving it, you basically make a tomato base sauce, add some hearty veggies like, zucchini, pumpkin & carrots into the sauce, cook them till tender & then use a hand stick blender to blitz it up, serve with pasta of your choice, cheese & a side of veggies (even though they may not touch the side veggies, haha)
  • Recreate their unhealthy favourites at home with a healthy twist - We all know fast food like chips & nuggets are not the best choice for your growing toddler, but if you find they really enjoy a kids meal at McDonald's of chips and nuggets. It might be worth re creating it for them at home. I find our daughter loves home made chicken nuggets & chips - they would be little pieces of chicken breaded & baked with sweet potato chips & served with a yum yogurt dip!

I hope you find these tips helpful & use these ideas to see if any of them work with your picky eater! I would love to hear your thoughts & how you navigate through this time with your toddler, please leave us a comment & share this with any Mama's out there dealing with a fussy eater!


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